Dear TOS patients & caregivers,
At TOSsociety we have established by the grace of our “go-getting” Board Members a 2 day seminar for Professionals in the medical field as well as for “complimentary” professionals offering CEU’s (continuing education units) for attendees.

It would be a grand idea to have TOS patients (besides me) attending to help teach the professionals from the patient’s side. No, you don’t have to give a talk or speeches just add your 2 cents in as I personally do at seminars & be available for the professionals to ask you questions how YOU as a patient feel about the subject title from the instructors & attendees. We as a TOS patient know so much more than the average Joe medical specialist in which they learn from us!

If you are in the Southern California area… it would be awesome having 2 TOS patients 9-11:30, then 2 patients or caregivers from 1-5 Sat, then 2 in the am & 2 in the pm on Sunday, Nov 7th & 8th. Due to our inability to sit for prolonged periods & drive; this seminar is being held at a physical therapy office in Anaheim Hills. And no one expects you to sit or be uncomfortable, “we” have to get up, move & be comfortable with our pillows, our ice packs, heat packs, & whatever else makes us comfortable. You may respond to this thread or send me a PM.

We have 40 professionals signed up with a waiting list! It’s going to be a great class! Our #1 priority at TOSsociety is educating specialists & the community for TOS & RSI patients. Each attendee must provide (3) TOS patient’s a 1-2hr FREE session depending on their specialty. So, you as the TOS attendee would be the first foot in the door for FREE services.

We have signed up:
Physical therapist’s
Dietitian’s & Physiologists
Internal Medicine MD’s
Massage Therapists
Pilates, Yoga, & Energy Movement Instructors
Certified Hypnotherapists and more
*Incredible Ms Jordan, our Board Member has done awesome marketing for TOSS.

Here is the skinny on the 2-day seminar:
TOSS Professional Specialist Certification Hosted by:
Ando & Aston Physical Therapy
6200 E. Canyon Rim Road Suite #113
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
Sat & Sun. Nov. 7 and 8. 9 – 5 PM (1 hour lunch ) 14 CEU offered.
Please wear comfortable cloths, bring your own water, snacks and writing tools.

*please note…located on our website TOSsociety’s choice of MEDICAL FORUM’s is NEUROTALK! We are a 501(c)(3) charity.

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