Another Day Another Denial, Another Attorney

The difficult part of having a chronic illness or disability is that you have to fight to get adequate treatment. You fight Workman’s Comp or you fight an insurance company or your fight the condition. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) is not well known by a lot of doctors out side of specialists. The really good doctors, see the need for the education of claims adjusters, attorneys and most doctors who do not really understand what TOS is all about. The important point is that TOSS is dedicated to education of all that are connected to TOS patients. I will speak to any all groups about TOS, what it is and how it should be treated, based on published medical guidelines.

I have many hours of video on the subject and will be producing training sessions for all to view here. If you have suggestions or questions, we are here to answer them. Please contact us.

Phil La Puma

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