Botox Treatment

My wife, Cyndy, and I went to West L.A. near UCLA for her recent Botox treatment for TOS pain with Sheldon Jordon, M.D.
This treatment is so important to her well being. They last about 2 to 2.5 months and help keep her chronic pain down to manageable levels with the use of her pain medications and pain patches. This diminished pain level then allows her to do more physical therapy, helps move her body and build her core. She then is able to spend time on the treadmill that helps her cardio and creates natural endorphins to give her the feeling of well being.
I know it sounds complex, but as her caregiver, I notice the difference in her reaction to daily routines of living. When the Botox wears off, she will roll more easily into total body pain and shut down where any activity is difficult. Our concern is that this last treatment will last through September 25th, the date of our daughter, Missy’s wedding! We are keeping our fingers crossed looking forward to several weeks of productive wedding planning. Boy am I excited.
Do you use botox treatment to relax muscles and release tension and pain? How well does it work for you? How long does it last? Let us know how this works for you and where you obtain this service.

Phil La Puma, President
TOS Society™

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  1. cindy says:

    How does Dr. Jordan perform the botox injection? Does he use emg or ultrasound to make sure he is injecting the anterior scalene muscle?

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