Botulinum Chemodenervation – Botox for TOS Patients

Tuesday 9/8/09
Wide awake after a day at the surgical center for Botulinum Chemodenervation all in my right side. For my cervicle/occipital pain, jaw, ears, pectoral minor & majors, subscapularis & tapeziods & trapezious.
(insurance wont acknowledge the bilateral even though we have 2 Dr Collins MRA’s showing bilateral TOS). This is my 4th procedure & I can say it helps with the burning pain, headaches & facial pains. I do recieve lidocaine & steroids in the injections with the Botox to calm down the spasming. Love the day I go to get a few hours of absolute complete relief.

Below is a few articles I found by the physician who is my Primary Neurologist/Pain Management physician.

Selective Botulinum Chemodenervation of the Scalene Muscles for Treatment of Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Using Electrophysiologically Guided Anterior Scalene Blocks

2009 reference journal exerpts from the following:
Fugate, Mark W. (2009) Current management of thoracic outlet syndrome. Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine

Sonographically guided anesthetic injection of anterior scalene muscle for investigation of neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome. Skeletal Radiology

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