Cyndy’s TOS Goal

HI there! It’s Cyndy wishing you a great Labor Day weekend with family & friends. As a TOS patient we get no days off taking care of ourselves. Neither do our caretakers.

THANK YOU for being interested and a part of a larger entity of TOS, RSI & all the conditions subject to the nervous, circulatory, & muscular-skeletal system from this injury. Education for professionals in pain management & the anatomy is the most important aspect of a TOS physician. Then there is a need to educate “living with TOS” a renewed worthiness, strength & wellness with such a painful disability for the patient is my goal along with receiving the *more imprtantly* correct medical attention & program(s).

Check out our new website, links & let us know your thoughts. Come back often. We have incredible things happening here for educational purposes & help for the TOS family. I receive phone calls from all over from TOS patient’s. If you ever need an ear, a shoulder to cry on, my phone is by my side.

Take a very deep breath, blow out slowly while visualizing your body is floating on cool water or maybe warm water for some. Do this 3 times. Each time you will feel your nervous system calming & the muscles relaxing.

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