Dr. Art Ando, PT (TOSSociety™ Instructor) TOS PT Videos

Dr. Art Ando, Comprehensive Physical Therapist, has just completed filming and placing 23 TOS-specific exercises on the web. These include 9 self-massage, 2 breathing, 6 stretches, 2 nerve exercises and 4 strength exercises.
Dr. Ando has 20+ years of experience prescribing these TOS-specific exercises and teaching them to his patients in his Ando & Aston Physical Wellness Therapy clinic. After the patient has demonstrated basic understanding of an exercise, it becomes a home exercise. Home exercises using typical written instructions with some diagrams works for some patients, but not all. In an effort to improve compliance and accuracy of the home exercise program, Dr. Ando has worked with Paul Abler, P.T. to get these important TOS exercises available to P.T.s working with TOS patients.

These TOS-specific video exercises are designed to be prescribed by a P.T., and downloaded by the patient from the Your Home Exercise Program website for viewing at their convenience. Some of these exercises require simple exercise tools such as foam rollers, Body Gliders, inflatable massage balls, pinky ball on stick and elastic bands. The power of exercise videos using verbal instruction combined with pictures and written instructions gives the patient the best chance of doing the exercise right. The P.T. can add special instructions to the specific exercise prescription to fully customize the program for their patient. Dr. Ando highly recommends having your Thoracic Outlet P.T. check out the TOS-specific exercises at www.yourhomeexerciseprogram.com. Dr. Ando can be reached at arta@andoaston.com, he is available for free consultations. Please visit his website www.andoaston.com

Click on the linked examples below to see how they work.
Self-Massage at Middle of Armpit to Wrist www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH_ZWIw3QLw
Strengthening Neck Posture ‘Bonnet’ www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYmgIJphF5Q


Phil La Puma, President TOSSociety™

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