EAST Meets WESTERN Medicine

My first session with an EASTERN medicine healer and acupuncturist. No needles this session just hands. What an amazing triumph! I have never had such pain relief and relaxation in my life. Morphine cant even compare. Must of lost 10lbs just from her removing the build-up of acidity/toxins from the years of pain in my muscles, nervous system…the whole system. It is amazing how the toxins build up in you thoracic outlet area when the circulation is restricted. Yukari Fujihara specializes in difficult and chronic pain conditions. She smiles the whole time as she can feel the relief in the tissues and muscles as they relax. This is not like any massage I have ever had. I felt the energy from her hands moving into my body. I find it difficult to describe, but I do know that I had to pee 4 time over a short period of time as I expelled the toxins. I will have her come to me again next week and I will keep you informed on the value of her work for TOS Related pain.


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