Falling Leaves at Christmas

As I walked my two dogs this morning with Cyndy, we walked through the fall leaves that are falling from the beautiful trees on our street. Brown and golden, the colors remind us of New England in the fall and its beauty. It also reminds us that letting go of the old is essential to renewal. There is a beauty and symmetry to it. The trees know how to renew, yet sometimes we fight it by holding on to our past experiences, our previous life or life style.

To heal from TOS we need to accept a new life style, a new purpose and search for the right path to renewal and healing. Rarely is there a quick fix for TOS. Our 11 year search has led us to find the path is long and winding, but it is there and it is possible to” heal. “ To understand what this really means is to watch the leaves fall from the trees.
Here are the steps I recommend:
1. Change your belief system. Healing is in the now and let go of what you were and what you think you are and believe in who you are in the present.
2. Each day count your blessing. “When you are worried and cannot sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep and you’ll fall a sleep counting your blessings.” (From Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in the movie “White Christmas.”) Positive thoughts create positive energy that helps heal.
3. Be in control of your health and healing. You are the one who will heal you. You are responsible for what you put into your body, what you do that helps it and what actions you must take to feel better now!
4. Make a list of positive affirmations and put them up on your mirror or “vision board.”
– “I love myself.”
– “I love my _________(spouse, family, children, God, etc.)
– “I fell better each and every day.
– “I learn each day what makes me feel better.”
– “I let go of the past and live in this moment.”
5. Seek help from others when you need and help others when you can.
Yes, watch your leaves fall, and renew your strengths and vision of living and healing in the now.
Happy Holidays
Phil La Puma, President

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