Complimentary care Professional Providers have donated services to the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Society (TOSS) for the use of TOS Patients.(RSI and Chronic Pain Patients, as well).

These services are available to you FREE. All you need to do is set up an appointment with a provider in you area.  These services are available all over Southern California and I emplore you to take advanage of them!

Would you like to de-stress!  A free massage session?  A free acupuncture session to relieve pain? A free permanent makeup session so you do not need to do your make up each day? Learn to move better and relieve pain?: Use guided imagery to improve your daily tasks? Learn self hypnosis to diminish pain?ALL OF THESE PROVIDERS KNOW WHAT T.O.S. IS ABOUT AND HAVE BEEN CERTIFIED BY TOSS AS PROVIDERS OF SERVICES FOR T.O.S. PATIENTS.

Is there a catch?  Your only obligation is to tell TOSS if it helped you feel better so we may share the information. You may do this anonymously, if you choose.

All these services are available for FREE.

Call and we will help you schedule a free session.  We want you to feel better now! and this will help you!

Just call Cyndy or Phil at 714-524-7862 or 714-928-1561

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