Journaling is Important

Stopped journaling, which was silly just to save my sanity, arms, hands & whole body sitting on the computer. Why? To focus on the positives of my health and not focusing on the negatives, the pain it brings, of the can’t do’s.

2 weeks past due honoring Botox Denerviation request for the musculoskeletal injections to relieve pain. Refusal of a brachiasl plexus block, Transmagnetic Stimulation & trigger injections of steroids & local anesthetic for ulnar nerve pain is the latest denial. The insurance keeps just a tad up on information which is not relevant to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome & comprising conditions related to. Only communicating the reason why not, stating I have right right side TOS only, & the information wasn’t clear enough from the treating physician. A document saying they tried calling my physician several times being left on hold 3 minutes, then 2 minutes? When have you ever been left on hold for more than 2 minutes expecting someone to answer after 3 minutes or less?

I spend my mornings waking up from sleepless nights due to the discomfort & pain. There is just no comfort. Once getting up I roll out of bed, lay on the floor on the foam roller to align the spinal column. It takes off the cervical pressure that press on my circulatory, musculoskeletal & neurovascular systems. The Edgelow Diaphragmatic breathing & Feldenkrais techniques are used to relax those systems. It also helps calm the constant occipital headaches, eye & ear pain, cervical tightness, arm throbbing, hands tingling, ulnar nerve elbow pain, right leg & foot tightness. The right foot & toe numbness & tingling never goes away. My right leg droops, as my right shoulder. By then its 11am. I take my meds, drink tons of water, get on the stationary bike to create some blood flow. But, if I go too long for that particular day or too much the swelling increases & so does the pain. I cannot eat until an hour after the meds so its probably 1 or 2pm before I am hungry at all. I have become a vegetarian to get healthier natural foods in me. Recently adding a little meat for protein.

“WC Claims Management Service” “The WC Claims Management Service company for my employer has an extremely shocking, saddening & unpleasant response period to approve my doctors requests & medical care. Recommended by my specialized pain management Neurologist’s requests & medical care. I have pages of denials, delays journal’d. How do adjusters not fall under legally scrutiny denying patients medical care? No education or medical practical management under a ghost-like medical shield disapproving medical necessity’s giving out misinformation to abstract care. And here you give up our right as an employee not to sue my employer once I stepped foot in the workers compensation doctors office 10 ½ years ago. Who knew? You give up a right and you receive little to no compensation for justified medical care. That’s why we are $60K in debt paying for just the basic needs. I would have been back to work if not for the delays & denials of the insurance company. I would have my career, I would have my happiness working, and I would have my $500k in wages. Now the damage of TOS, right ulnar compression, cervical dystonia, & other diagnosis are imposing on happiness.

Patients loose faith in the medical profession as the under written insurance company’s & attorneys spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on one, yes 1 patient referred to their own paid medical examiner to deny the truth, refuse acknowledgement without education in existing chronic trauma. Why is this legal? Patients give up; patients die waiting for medical treatment. How does the cryptic legal system live with themselves? Is this how they or their families deserve to be treated when an injury succumbs their lives? Or are they all exempt like congress, which we Americans have paid into all these years for their salaries, wealth & abuse? As the years roll along without medical care other physical conditions come into play. The existence of numerous diagnoses arises adding additional medical care needed, which is denied. This is unacceptable to the established workers compensation rules and expectations of a person who has worked and worked diligently since the age of 17.

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