MY TOS Team!

Being a TOS patient for 11 years along with painful days of Fibromyalgia, RSD, to dystonia, unlar nerve entrapment pain, neuralgia, total right sided numbness from the head to the toes, parasthesis, hearing loss, headaches, depression at its worst as the list goes on. The frustration of the insurance company consistantly denying and delaying the simplest of medical care is overwhelming. After spending my retirement for wellness, loosing my fruitful career I became one of the “others”. Cyndy was no more.

This first quarter of the year I was bedridden, took the life i have now which was spiriling out of pain control with a blood pressure at stroke-out levels and did something about it. My single goal was to get out of bed, out of the house and back in the world of living. Then called upon our TOSS certified physicians and professionals for help. Together my team has brought me back to life. You as the patient has to make the first concious step, research all levels of medicine, complimentary modalities and people like me, search Neurotalk forum to speak with others, bond with life time friendships and you will find whats right for you. Be open minded for what you think is a simple fix by the knife may be something much simpler. A team of support.

THANK YOU team! THANK YOU Neurotalk for the years of web medical forum support for over 25k patients. THANK YOU Dr. Jordan for the dedication & expertise you provide. THANK YOU Dr. Collins for your unconditional time and love of the anatomy to share. THANK YOU Dr. Salinas my incredible physical therapist and his awesome staff. THANK YOU to Rhona and all our TOSS complimentary care professionals everyone of you are special and so very talented. THANK YOU Yukari for introducing me to the eastern side of medicine. You have made me a believer in the power of healing thru your hands, through acupressure and acupuncture. THANK YOU family and friends for keeping me grounded and never allowing me to give up.

Yes, it takes an army folks to be diagnosed not to mention the CORRECT treament to make life a little bit easier to bear. The complexity of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is at its best a malingerer as is “living with cancer”. We are here to give you HOPE at TOSS, and the readiness to find your path to a new you living with TOS.

Be ready for a new technically awesome advanced website, freebies galore, sponsors, a shopping mall & more to put a smile on your face while we bust this TOS thing wide open. We are educating 24/7, and boy education is the key from physicians, attorney, insurance company’s to patient’s afflicted with TOS and their caregivers. So, it’s right to mention a gi-normous THANK YOU to all who have given to TOSS so generously. Your donations will take this awesome chairty Master P founded to greater heights.
TOS patient and co-founder

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  1. babymelody says:

    Hello my name is Zil Ortega and I live in Florida. I have been working infront of a computer for as long as I can remember, I am 34 years old now and I am falling apart. I was told today that I might have TOS along with Carpal tunnel syndrome and that I should find another profesion and stay away from the computer if I want to live a normal life in the future. How can I start a new career when the computer is all I know? Do I qualify for disability? What do I do? My right arm is completely weak, in pain, numb, tingly, my fingers move on their own, I have a bulging disc in the bottom of my spine, I also have herniated discs in my cevical area with a linear tear as well. My shoulders are always swollen and in between my shoulder blades my skin is already dark blue like a bruise. I don’t know what to do because I need my job to feed my family, but I can’t even bend my arm because it goes numb and hurts like crazy. Can someone shed some light because I am tired of going to different doctors and hearing different diagnosis. It’s pretty sad that the only Dr. that came close to describing what I had was my Physiotherapist because my spine Dr. has no clue. Please help!! Thank you.


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