Nothing like an impromtu visit to UCLA for a TOS shut down; flare of pain.  But way over due.  Something new for me today but not new for CRPS patients. A Ketamine infused anesthetic along with Lidocaine, steroids and small amounts of Botox A (soluable) into the neck, traps, pec’s, subscapularis, mandibular and… who knows what Dr J saw on the ultrasound to calm down for a break through.  THANKFUL for professional’s who offer new modalities to CRPS for temporary and hopefully longer term relief

Upon arrival I was humped over in pain, yes those shoulder were rolled and the posture was slumped into a swamp of pain…

  • muscles in the neck, traps, arms, hands and legs, sciatca were rock hard and painful
  • head was as if someone had driven a nail through it
  • eyes were twitching and a drooping palsy, like Bell’s Palsy
  • the ear drums were painfully sharp
  •  paresthesiea and electrical impulses constant throughout
  • absolutely no mind capacity of thinking as the pain was off the chart
  • breathing was non-existant.  Well, almost

The best part was coming out of the anesthesia 3 hours later to my #1 (being 1 of 6) Grandaughter a UCLA Neuro pre-med, Elizabeth. How sweet the sound of her voice and soft fingers holding mine. ♥ THANKFUL


So, Dr J had 2 female Neuro MD coats tailing him today. The topic came up about Katamine. Yes, chemodenerviation with Lidocaine, steroids and Ketamine infused anesthesia.   I was actually scared …you see, I’m a planner, a researcher and if doesnt fit into my spontenaiety category its not gonna happen.  I took one for all of you to see if it would help. Took half a day to recover out pt un-like the beloved Michael Jackson juice; proprofol.   No TOS/Chronic pain when I woke up.  THANKFUL for Dr. Jordan teaching and educating new  Neurologist in the newest technqiue’s and medications for chronic pain patient’s.


THANKS to the Ketamine but geesh the recovery is crazy.   Allow me to recover from this day before ketamine infusions become a thought process again. More power to those stellar 3 hour infusion Ketamine CRPS pt’s. 5am – 4pm then home recovery is a long day for the hub-sters. Just give me some ice cold rootbeer and a gallon of water


Here is a link to KETAMINE on wikipedia however, if you google, go to webmd, medline and all the other medical professional site you will find 30 days and 30 nights of research

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  1. jules says:

    Hello, I am wondering how you are doing after your injections? I have recently been diagnosed with TOS and am in L.A. I am looking into Scalene Block injections and a good doctor who takes Blue Shield. I have seen Dr. Williams at Kerlan Jobe and Dr. Filler who is not covered by my insurance. I am shceduled to see Dr. Jordan but again is not covered. Any recommendations?

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