TOS, RSI and Chronic Pain Patients needed for Research Study

The complimentary care providers that participated in our TOSS Seminar have volunteered their services to help TOSS research the value of their services to TOS, RSI and Chronic Pain patients.  We are looking for those of you in Southern California who are willing to participate in this research.  You will be given a free session of one of these services. Your only obligation is to answer questions before and after the service as to the benefit of the service to  you. We will then publish the results on our web site so that others may see the benefits of these service.

The types of services that will be studied are massage therapy, acupuncture, hypnosis for pain management and several other that are available.

If you are interested in these free services, and are willing to participate in our research, please contact me at with you questions.

Phil La Puma, President and Director TOSS

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