TOS & SSDI *Social Security Disability

Finally, had my appeal hearing with SSDI. Such an incredible amount of work had to be done for the attorney. Master P stepped in and pulled several all nighters for me compiling & creating new documents. And here we thought I was so organized, LOL. Attorney just wanted it done HIS way. Thats ok, thats what we pay him for.

I contacted a few TOS patients who had already gone through this years ago. They were right there for me. What would we all do without our support system(s) & good friends we have made? But O, O, O how I wish I could still work, still do my job & careers after all these years.

I got dressed the best I could in my normal wear of pull on (no zippers or buttoning) yoga pants, a cami, a wrap & a hat. I felt positive as all I could do is tell the truth. My attorney has me scared shitless, oops should I say that?

The court reporter had me remove my cap which absolutely embarrassed me due to my hair unkept/washed, no style. Walked in to small room the size of a bedroom with an aura of calm & peace. There was the court reporter, a very nice looking & dapper judge welcoming me at his raised desk, a large computer screen & smiling, a physician with a legal size piece of paper with scribbles on it & a vocational coordinator with his set up of a computer, manuals & paperwork on another table, myself & my attorney at another table.

After going on 11 years I was wanting to spill out my guts. Not in an SSDI hearing. You speak when spoken to, be yourself , polite as always & truthful. I was in and out in 20 minutes. The judge had done his homework, asked all the appropriate questions & more. He referred to the physician which told the court I could work, lift , crawl & carry up to 20-40lbs 6 hours a day. As I was answering the judge’s question the physician’s cell phone rang. Yep.. & told the judge he had to take it it was an emergency as I was answering a question. My jaw dropped as the judge & I looked at each other. The 2 times I have been in court (Retirement Disability & now SSDI) there has been drama on the other end. Makes for a laugh & experience to say the least.

The vocational coordinator was pleasant & extremely professional. We were in and out in 20 minutes time. My attorney & husband prepped for the worse case scenario & nothing, nothing was used. Now it takes up to 90 days to receive a reply & if the judge for some ODD reason or the attorney general’s office decides to appeal the judge’s decision my attorney will go all the way to the superior court by my side.

So, what I am trying to pass onto all of you who have been disabled by this dreadful neurological condition. Get a good attorney & stand up for your rights as an American citizen who deserves the medical care & help we need. Its well worth the time, effort, pain, flares, suffering & headaches. Its not over till the fat lady sings. I’ll keep you updated. And if you ever need someone to hold your hand, walk you thru the procedure & expectations I’m her 24/7 for you. All my experience is to help YOU, just paying it forward.

*Check out our list of TOS educated professionals. Many more going up as they receive their certifications. And if you live in Southern California we have put together a list of FREE services for you & yours. Just contact Master P and he will hook you up. Our goal is to bring you Thoracic Outlet Syndrome HOPE, a smile, a positive day & put that pain & life crises on the back burner for a day meeting with one of our professionals. All brought to you by THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME SOCIETY ~ TOSS. So, today I’m TOSSing the ball to you & make that first move!

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2 Responses to TOS & SSDI *Social Security Disability

  1. mist2030 says:

    I am new to this site and am pleased that I found it. I need help in finding a physician for a diagnosis. I have had all the symtoms for 9-10 years now and I am frequently in pain. I filed for disability thinking the problem was in my neck as I had broke it several years ago. When I go to the doctor they don’t know what to make of me because they can’t identify the problem but has I have never been tested for TOS. Some one please help me. I am convienced as well as my daughter that this is my problem. My daughter is a Massage Therpist. She was the one who told me about this site that discribes all my symtoms. I long since quit work because of the lack of being able to raise my arms and the pain. I have a real bad time trying to get comfortable in the bed to sleep. Can you suggest a physician to go see that knows about this? I appreciate all the help and or comments you may have.

  2. admin says:

    email us your location, any confirmed diagnosis and what physicians you have seen

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