TOS – Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Text Book NOW AVAILABLE

It’s HERE!


Most of you know Sheldon Jordan, MD is my Neurologist/pain management extroindair.  After being shuffled around to 30+ professionals I found hope in a well educated and compassionate physician thanks to the many patients at Neurotalk’s direction and Peter Edgelow.  
Neurotalk forum can be found under the “support and services” and link.


For the last 5 years Dr. Jordan would share tidbits and excitement of the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Consortium’s collaboration pulling together an updated medical text book for the medical community and patient’s alike.

Alas,  the research, shared knowledge, years of practical experience and re-writes have paid off…Take a peak and LOOK inside for a free viewing of the

Front Cover


Table of Contents

First Pages


Editors: Karl Illig, M.D., Robert Thompson, M.D.,  Julia Ann Freischlag, M.D., Dean Donahue, M.D., Sheldon Jordan, M.D., Peter Edgelow RPT and 52 Author’s

Now is the time to implode this awesome text book into the medical schools and drop one off at each and every Neurologist, PCP, orthopedic and physical therapist office.  Let’s not forget  attorney’s who are fighting for our medical care day after day and insurance company’s who seem not understand or ignore the importance of medical necessity, urgency and life time medical care which can be life threatening.


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