Ulnar Nerve Decompression Pain Solved

11.5 years of bilateral TOS, damaged nerves, neuropathy & CRPS finally a concrete answer in regards the the elbow.

9 1/2 years of the right ULNAR NERVE burning pain has been solved. My bilateral costaclavicular decompression & an ulnar nerve decompression in 2003 which the surgeon surgically tackled simutaneously decompressiong the BP (brachial plexus and removal of the anterior scalene) has been solved. I/we were never told by the surgeon he was even remotely considering additional work of the elbow until after I woke up in recovery with my arm bandaged.

Today was a much needed round of botox, lidocain and steroids into my scalenes, subscapularis, pectoral minor and major’s, temporal, traps’ trapezious, trapezoids, romboid et all. After years describing the elbow pain to docs it went untreated or should I say ignored. When you have chronic pain, (more right sided than left) the reality is you have a difficult time pin pointing; describing the off the chart lovely 1-10 pain scale where the pain is coming from unless diagnostics are done and or given fasting acting narcotics to see how much relief & for how long. “The whole damn arm, shoulder and hand hurts, burns, throbs and swells. My head, my neck, my traps, my pecs.”

Dr. Jordan has been requesting an ulnar nerve block, trigger injections battling the isurance company as they ignore his recommendations, then denying even showing medical guidline request’s again and again. Now that my case is coming to fruition January 24th in front of a judge 11 years later miracuously workers comp is approving?? grrrr, yet exstatic

What was found? Through the block and radiographictomography (ultrasound) Dr. Jordan found my elbow had been chisled down with a groove & an impression the past surgeon tried to push my ulnar nerve into the cut out crater. The ulnar nerve is completely flat laying on top of the elbow where it bends. Nerves are suppose to be round, suptle and smooth. Not this one. 9 years of burning, stabbing, off the charts throbbing pain and swelling. It’s just another related TOS compromise. BIG fat sigh, yet a happy Cyndy that concrete evidance is right there & why I live on ice packs & arm loads of lidoderm patches daily. Dr. Jordan recommends surgery conservatively especially one’s who have high CRPS & longvitity of Neuropathy pain.

Recommendation: ULNAR NERVE TRANSPOSITION surgery. by a highly regarded hand and arm UCLA surgeon which Dr Jordan immediately called while I was recovering in-house today. Another EMG and prob more radiation x-rays to see if he can help me. These surgeries are tricky. We shall deligently do the research and begin the steps to see if the percentage out weighs the surgery risks. I have faith this surgeon will be honest weather he can help me and not in it for the big bucks like so many cutter surgeons.

Question for all medical professionals here? Everytime I go in for a procedure, in recovery my BP spikes to 170/190 – 100/110’s then the PVC’s start up. Fast-acting Diluaded is used to bring down the pain brain receptors. Jordan is not worried. But, why is this happening? I have no reaction to the anethesia. The first time was a week after a RCT repair, a year after the TOS surgery which the spike sent me to the ER, referred me to a cardiologist. Stress test, echo all normal. 30-day holter moniter which showed the constant PVC’s. It goes away after he perscribed Valium for the PVC’s. Never had high BP or PVC’s until the injury/pain. Never aggitated or stressed, no anxiety of procedures. After what I have been through… its a happy happy joy joy time to be there & get some relief. There is a condition called pheochromocytoma. ?? Thoughts email me personnally.

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