Lillian Nader, M.Ed., CHt  




Transformational Hypnotherapy


Transformational Hypnotherapy is a process of instilling positive suggestions for health and well being at a very deep level of consciousness. The hypnotherapist acts as a guide to help each client make positive changes, resulting in a healthier, more enjoyable life style.

Transformational hypnotherapy begins with relaxing of the body to get the tension out of the way. Releasing of the mind chatter that keeps one from focusing on a single goal is also accomplished. The client is guided in the process of deeper and deeper relaxation of the body, mind, and emotions to allow positive suggestions to be felt as though they are already a reality. Ways of coping and transforming painful procedures and experiences are suggested in discourses with the mind. Self hypnosis and posthypnotic suggestions for releasing pain when feeling discomfort are examples of what can be done to bring about lasting results.

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 Certifications ………Certified Hypnotherapist: American Board of Hypnotherapy
 TOSS Professional Specialist Certification

Registered member of IHF--International Hypnosis Federation
Registered member of IACH--International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists
California Teacher Credential
California Resource Specialist
Master of Education degree

Specialties I often use Meridian Tapping or EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, prior to hypnotherapy to help relieve stress and blockages to change. Meridian tapping greatly enhances the effects of the hypnotherapy session.
I enjoy working with children and adults in an atmosphere that is safe and conducive to positive changes.

I am a retired special education teacher with over twenty years experience working with academically at risk students. I have repeatedly witnessed what the power of the mind can do when focused and directed toward a desired goal. Hypnotherapy provides powerful tools to achieve remarkable results in attaining well being, health and happiness.



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