Rhona Jordan, C.GIt, C.CHt

Guided Imagery and Clinical Hypnosis Therapist and Instructor

President, IHF Orange County Chapter

IHF Board of Advisors

TOSS Board Member

Humanitarian of the Year Award 2019

(714) 974-4094



Anaheim Hills, CA

Rhona has been working with TOS patients for several years in the health arena of pain management, better sleep, preparing the body and the mind for a medical procedure, dealing with the overwhelming feelings of loss and life style changes historically connected with this condition, phobias for fear of shots/needles, manage life choices, and grief counseling.

Rhona has extensive emotional support training with trauma victims as a member of the Trauma Intervention Program in Orange County, where she worked beside Police and Fire Departments first responders and with the local Trauma Hospitals. She retired from this position 2009.

Using her own very specialized technique and the language of the mind called Guided Imagery. Rhona easily guides the imagery allowing you to connect with your own internal wisdom and reach goals, overcome obstacles and feel in control. These healing modalities reduce the emotional toll of Chronic Pain and in short alleviate suffering.

Today extraordinary changes are taking place in medicine. There is new scientific evidence that strongly support guided imagery and hypnosis. Guided Imagery is the oldest form of healing on the planet. Before we had a verbal or written language, we formed mental images in our mind and we still do when we worry or make plans.

Hypnosis is concentrated focused attention on something, like the example of strongly thinking about something while driving your car on the freeway and driving passed your intended exit and realized it about a mile to late. Hypnosis is wide awake, in control, and focused on your thoughts.

Imagery lowers blood pressure and releases pain. This healing modality also activates your autonomic nervous system, the central command post deep in the brain that regulates body functions. Your own body pharmacy is powerful and can release its own natural Morphine, Endorphins, Serotonin and Dopamine that helping you manage discomfort, feel hopeful, mentally and physically stronger and the chemical, Melatonin, supporting peaceful deep sleep.

There are a wide variety of guided imagery and hypnosis techniques used to help patients achieve symptomatic pain relief. One example is called Glove Anesthesia, a two-step imagery exercise. Clients first are taught to imagine developing feelings of numbness in the hand as it is placed in an imaginary solution creating an anesthetic gloved hand. Then you learn to transfer these feeling of numbness to any part of the body that is calling out for attention.

The Glove Anesthesia technique takes the edge off the pain sensation and it provided a dramatic illustration of the power of self-control when you realize that you can produce feelings of numbness with the power of your imagination.

Guided Imagery and hypnosis promotes rehabilitation, and accelerated healing responses in the body and is particularly useful in the current era of managed care. Where cost effective mind/body medicine, improved medical self-care and empowering approaches to health care are much welcomed and greatly valued by patients, providers and insurers.

The key is the powerful link between your mind and body connecting you deeply to your senses and emotions so that your body can create health through imagery.

Rhona has a private practice in Anaheim Hill’s with Ando & Aston Physical Therapy 6200 E. Canyon Rim Road #113, Anaheim Hills, Ca 92807

Please call today (714) 974-4094 and schedule your health investment appointment.


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